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The District Attorney's Advisory Council (D.A.A.C.) was established in 1967 by community leaders and concerned members in the community as a liaison between the residents of Onondaga County and the District Attorney. The Council serves at the discretion of the District Attorney. It's purpose is:

1) To increase the level of knowledge and understanding of its members on matters relating to crime prevention and criminal justice in Onondaga County;
2) Disseminate to the community at large, through programs of information and education, the knowledge acquired, striving to increase the level of awareness and concern on subjects relating to crime prevention and criminal justice in Onondaga County;
3) Provide a channel through which may pass two-way communication between the community at large and the District Attorney’s Office on matters relating to crime prevention and criminal justice in Onondaga County; and
4) Stimulate action in the Criminal Justice System in furtherance of desirable goals of the organization and to sponsor a selective program of recognition for individuals and/or organizations whose activities have shown exceptional accomplishments in furthering the objectives of the D.A.A.C.

The D.A.A.C. holds an annual luncheon where members of law enforcement and outstanding citizens in the community are recognized for their contributions to the criminal justice system, as well as a "State of the Office" address from the District Attorney. Throughout the year, the D.A.A.C. sponsors a Speaker Panel consisting of representatives from the District Attorney's Office, Onondaga County Sheriff's Office, the Syracuse Police Department, Syracuse City Court, and Town/Village Court that travels and speaks at schools, senior centers and businesses about the criminal justice system. The D.A.A.C. also sponsors events that occur during Crime Victims' Rights Week, and plays an active role as proponents for legislation in support of the criminal justice system that would assist the District Attorney and law enforcement in performing their duties.

Membership consists of elected officials, community leaders, and concerned citizens. Persons interested in becoming members shall be recommended and sponsored by the membership upon written application only of a proposed member, and approved by the Executive Committee. Ex-Offico, non-voting members include the District Attorney, Assistant District Attorneys or staff members of the District Attorney's Office (other than those acting in a liaison capacity on behalf of the District Attorney's Office). For further information about the D.A.A.C. call Andrea Bastedo at 435-5450.


Officers: Andrea Bastedo, President

             Joyce Abold, Vice President

             Charles Petrie, Treasurer

             Dawn Kranking, Secretary

             Jeffrey Schiano, District Attorney Liasion


Board of Directors:  Judy Wolfe Immediate Past President, Russell Mitchell,

Joyce Abold, Richard Kimm, Kathy MacRae, Judy McElhannon, Michael Ryan,

and Peter Volmes.