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Project Safe Schools is a program initiated by District Attorney Fitzpatrick in 1995 to help identify those students who are bringing weapons into our schools. The program is designed to give students an avenue to offer anonymous information regarding other students who are in possession of any type of weapon (i.e. gun, knife, box cutter).


Students are encouraged to call a toll-free telephone number, 1-877-477-2338 (1-877-4-SAFETY) with specific information regarding the weapon. This information is then immediately forwarded to both police and school district officials. Any student found in possession of a weapon may be criminally prosecuted to the extent allowed by law.


The District Attorney's Office will give a monetary reward between $50 and $200 to the student(s) who provided information depending on the quality of the information received, type of weapon seized and/or criminal activity involved. No taxpayer funds are used as these rewards are paid with money forfeited from convicted drug dealers. This program is available to all school districts in Onondaga County. Since the program's inception, more than 200 weapons have been recovered.